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What is new in Version 6.00

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Aircast review

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These days we are testing and preparing the software Aircast that we have from you for our radio station.

We are satisfied with it and with the multiple configuration options and functions it provides,
Paul Balta




AIRCAST is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows.

It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcast.

It offers features often only found in some high priced, high-end professional packages.

AIRCAST was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible.

It works with standard PC hardware, supports virtually any soundcard and offers an unbelieveable smooth integration


You could see it as the ideal solution if you’re looking into upgrading your studio with a decent digital radio automation system

perfectly matching with D&R’s  broadcast mixers with integrated and dedicated control sections for AIRCAST.




  • Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events, screen objects, file logging
  • Stream/line-in playback, special playlist items, layout/skin, HTTP/SQL logging
  • Voice tracking, mixdown, scripting
  • Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder
  • VST, Winamp DSP
  • Database and Scheduling (standalone/local mode), music scheduling
  • Ad scheduler, log import from 3rd party music/traffic schedulers, voice tracking.
  • Use one STD-DB license as the “server” (and playout) and multiple STD (non-DB) or VT license as the clients.
  • Hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Vellema.
  • Remote Control for D&R products such as D&R WEBSTATION, AIRLITE, AIRENCE, AIRLAB DT, AXUM, AXITE.
  • Remote Control  for digital Broadcast Mixers  - MambaNet only


What do I need


Aircast is built around a reliable, fully customizable playout engine, with automation and live assist mode, skinnable user interface, a built-in, touch-screen friendly, multi-tab cartwall, and voice-tracking support.

It features a playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix editor, events, screen objects and file logging.

Voice Tracking, mixdown and scriting are standard.


Remote control

With its various built-in remote control options such as hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, I/O warrior, Midi, Velleman, Aircast integrates perfectly with your professional studio equipment.

Direct control of many functions by D&R's own remote control protocol is also built in.

A USB licensing dongle is part of the delivery.


Database and Scheduling

Manage your audio files and playlist logs through Aircast Data Base, the built-in, network-enabled audio library.
It has built-in music scheduling, and can also import playlists from various 3rd-party scheduling software.



The built-in streaming encoder feeds Shoutcast and Icecast servers, even from server hardware with no physical audio devices. Winamp and VST plugins can be used for sound processing. With the Multi Instance option, you can run dozens of playouts from the same machine.

 Sales options / add ons


1. AIRCAST-6-STD is the basic software for standalone applications incl. Voice tracking

€ 625,--


2. AIRCAST-6-STD-DB  is the basic software for standalone applications, but now with an added Database server application. You can now use multiple STD (non-DB) or VT licenses as the clients in a LAN or WAN

€ 775,--


3. AIRCAST-6-VT Management License + Voice Track

For additional workstations that require AircastDB access, e.g. office or production PCs, we offer management+VT licenses. Management+VT licenses require an AIRCAST6-STD-DB license running on the main playout computer

€ 260,--


Ordering info

60890290 AIRCAST-6-STD

60890293 AIRCAST-6-STD+DB

60890292 AIRCAST-6-VT

60890289 Upgrade to 6.00


How it works


- This the license for 1 user.

- The user can locally create a music database.

- The user can log on to a PC that has an AIRCAST

   STD-DB  license and use the music that is stored

    on that PC.



- (same as STD)

- This license functions as a SERVER and can offer

   its music database to other (licenced) users.



- User can remotely do VoiceTracking  and log on to

   AIRCAST STD-DB license Elsewhere.

Demo software 14 days trial version

Step by Step Instruction how to obtain a 14 days trial version


D&R WIKI page for your latest software downloads

Howe to activate my license


Basic Users Manual

Quick start


Quick start


Quick start


Changes in Aircast 5.1


Getting started with Aircast Data Base

Setting up Aircast DB with PostgreSQL

Music Scheduling with


Aircast DB Server

Setting up the Streaming Encoder

On line Playlist on your website with PHP

Multi Instance Play-out

Text Playlist Import Format Specification

Audio Logger REST Interface

How to translate Aircast into other languages

How to add additional tags to your mp3 files

Download button

Audio Streaming, how does it work

Run Aircast on
a Windows SERVER

Software can be purchased here (you receive a license key to activate the software for as long as you want)

We’re happy to announce that version AIRCAST 6.0 is now available for download.


New Features

AIRCAST 6.0  brings plenty of new features.
Highlights include: see this

 Improved mini scheduler

The Mini Scheduler in AIRCAST 6.0 DB has made a big step forward, with separate hour and music templates:



Music templates allow you to define the music style (as a sequence of categories/folders) independent from the hour template (clock). In the hour template, use the new items “Music (one song)”, “Music block” or “Fill with music” to specify where the songs should be inserted. When the scheduler runs, it uses the information from the music template to fill in these gaps. “Fill with music” is probably the most interesting method, because it will pick exactly the correct number of songs so that no overflows or under runs will occur.


For those who use an external scheduler (Powergold, MusicMaster, …), set up the music template so that it uses log import instead of internal scheduling. For some file formats, it’s now even possible to define multiple music blocks per hour.

 Advertising/traffic scheduling

The AIRCAST 6.0 edition has a built-in ad/traffic scheduling function now. For all of your spots, you can define start and end date of the campaigns, and the days/hours/blocks in which the spot should be broadcasted. Then add an “Ad Block” item to your hour template, select the desired block (up to 64 blocks can be defined), and you’re done. The Mini Scheduler will take care of the rest.


Ads can also be regionalized, and the scheduler will automatically use Region Containers where appropriate. If you are using an external traffic scheduling software, Aircast 6.0 can also import logs from that software instead of using its internal scheduling. You can even mix the two methods, using internal scheduling for some blocks, and external scheduling for the other blocks.

More features

Other new features in AIRCAST 6.0 not covered here include:

     •Aircheck Recorder” screen object, makes live

       recordings which can be paused so that you only

       record your voice, not the music in between the


     •Custom loop points

     •Automatic display of album art in playlist, no need to

       import as icon anymore

     •Custom attribute columns in the main playlist

     •WASAPI 5.1 audio support.

aircast 6.00 SKIN

See here my personally designed Aircast skin,
thanks for a great product. Valter arazzini

Upgrade policy

In case your present software package is purchased not older than 3 month's ago from today, you can download this new Version 6.00 for free.

System requierements

AIRCAST works on any standard PC running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10) or Windows Server (2008 or above). Both 32 and 64 bit.

On Windows Server, you must install the Desktop Experience Feature in order to get the required codecs for MP3 playback. On Windows Desktop OS, these codecs are already included through Windows Media Player.

AIRCAST has very low requirements regarding the performance of your PC. On a current i5 CPU, a running AIRCAST process will typically only consume 2-3% CPU (excluding encoders and sound processing) and less than 50 MB RAM. The required disk space for a base setup (without database and caches) is just about 30 MB.

Due to the extensive support for several audio APIs (DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO), Aircast will work with virtually any Windows-compatible soundcard. In rare cases, it is necessary to tweak some advanced settings in the Aircast audio configuration or driver settings. Whenever possible, we recommend that you test the compatibility between Aircast and your existing audio hardware using our demo version.

For fully automated encoder-only instances (direct streaming to Shoutcast/Icecast), Aircast does not require any audio hardware at all – you can even run it on datacentre servers. Physical hardware is preferred over virtual machines though.
Virtual machines will work if the Windows real-time clock is working properly.

Direct access and integration with
D&R consoles



- 12 Control Switches + encoder

- ON (USB channels only)

- CUE (USB channels only)

- FADERSTART (USB channels only)



- 24 Control Switches + encoder

- ON (USB channels only)

- CUE (USB channels only)

- FADERSTART (USB channels only)




- Faderstarts

- 24 Control Switches + encoder (If Control module is present )



- 16 Control Switches

- ON




- ON-AIR1/2


- …. And much more…

Installations we know of
(over 450 stations as of today)

Janghang internet radio - South Korea 4 systems

BuddaTV internet radio station - South Korea (2 systems)

VRT -  Belgium

Eurocom - France (7 systems)

IVAMOD - Croatia

PROFM BROADCAST - Netherlands (2 systems)

DJEMBA IT&C - Romania

BTS - Ireland (2 systems)


Noretron Broadcast - Finland

Kasibante FM - 2 (systems)

Mr. Daniel Lounici

Music Exports GmbH

Preco Broadcast Ltd - UK

Al-Madina Center - (2 systems)

Broad. Warehouse - UK (2 systems)

Herr Filip Schobert-  Germany

Sunil Technologies - South Korea (2 systems

Atos RTV team! - Netherlands

DBC GmbH - Germany

Noretron - Finland

Rasi Broadcasting - Tanzania

Sunil tech - Korea (9 licenses)

Eurocom - France (6 licenses)

Infinity Tech - Vietnam (8 licenses)

LS of SA - South Africa (12 licenses)

Content Media - USA

Kultur Pilot - Norway

TVNord/Radio Nord - Sweden

Klasse-FM - Netherlands

Ferry Maat soulshow studios - Netherlands

GlindMedia - The Netherlands

Radio Viking - Sweden

Big Bear Sound in Dublin - Ireland

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