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Since 1972

Telephone Hybrid-1

D&R's newest Telephone Hybrid-1 is an interface between a standard telephone line and a mixing console. Its purpose is to enable to record or broadcast a conversation between a caller and a presenter in an easy way.
Superb audio separation between in and outgoing signals are achieved by carefully designed internal circuitry. It is a problem solver for changing two wire communication into a four wire system with separate in and outputs. With its Private "TO CALLER" button you can easily temporarily disconnect the caller from the mixer (broadcast) for private conversations.


And if you need a higher audio quality?
Have look at our GSM Hybrid that enables you to experience a callers HD VOICE bandwidth of up to 7kHz!

Mounting kit



Manual v 1.07

Hybrid-1 19"rack mounting
Hybrid-1 19"rack mounting
Telephone Hybrid-1 backside




R/C balance

Audio Bandwidth

Shipping dimensions





: balanced mic level -20dB.

: Line level 0 dBu balanced.

: fully adjustable,  separation more than 30dB.

: 300 Hz up to 3kHz

: 31x26x10cm Weight 1,4kg


: 7436917139152


Only € 200,--

If you need a dual Hybrid in 19" rack format,  you can use our mounting kit to combine two 9.5"units into one dual Hybrid that easily fits into a 19"rack.


Part number 60898582     Mounting kit for mounting two 9,5" signal processors fitting in a 19" rack € 20,--

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