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Since 1972


With the AIRENCE-USB ON-AIR mixer you can own a modern, split version type of radio production mixer. A smart mixer with an integrated USB based control section.
Built with well proven low noise circuitry, this console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J.

Built in Telephone Hybrids (2x), 4 channels USB and 4 Mic inputs. Ideal for streaming to the web and sending and accepting 4 stereo channels from your Play-out software.

A heavy duty (19" rack) RF shielded chassis, that can be used as a drop through in your furniture, houses all the vertically mounted input modules.

Extension units with six triple input channels with high end quality Mic inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors can be connected to the main unit. The result is a modern split drop through 12 (or 18/24) fader radio console.


Main unit € 2375,--    Extender € 1215,--

Airence-usb in Suriname

Model 2020

- Studio remote option on Extender

- Studio Remote Cough Muting

- Studio remote Cue comm bus

- Two mic on buses (Studio | CRM)

- New strong powder coating

- No Master faders

- Optional VoIP modules + Cleanfeed

- More than 900+ units in use

A new Radio power package

Broadcast mixer

Studio 97.5 Suriname


Mic, line, USB, VoIP and telephone in-outputs

This brand new AIRENCE-USB model has 4 balanced mic inputs (+48 phantom is standard) with inserts for signal processors, 6 stereo line inputs, 4x USB channels and 2x Telephone Hybrids (or VoIP channels).
If you would like to call with VOIP with the TELCO modules we would advice to select for the model with VoIP channels or choose for a combination of Telco and VoIP as apossibility.



But... you can also order the AIRENCE-USB main unit with built in VoIP channels om position 5 and/or 6 or even a combination of 1x Telco and 1x VoIP.

TELCO/VoIP Channel 5 and 6 have, apart from the stereo line input, also RJ-11 connectors to interface with an analogue telephone line and a common dial unit.
And in case a VoIP module is installed one of the RJ-11 is replaced by 1x USB connector, the other RJ-11 has a clean-feed signal on pin 1 and 4.

Both analogue high quality built in Hybrids with R and C balance have direct Talk back to the Hybrid channels to make conversation with callers very easy.  This is also possible when VoIP modules are built in.
Also by simply pushing the Cue button, conversation between DJ and caller outside the broadcast is of course possible.


One physical USB connection interfaces 4 stereo audio channels from and to your PC plus all (programmable) remote controls on the right hand section of the mixer.

And also MAC compatible!

The illuminated front panel ON switch is electronically attached to the built in mechanical fader start enabling selection of a play-out start either by fader or via the ON switch. 

Fader start generates in the Mic mode a Mic-on signaling to switch ON-Air lights. There is a 3 band Equalizer on channel 1-4 and on all 6 Triple input channels of the Extender Unit.

The stereo Aux send can be set pre or post fader. All high quality low noise mic inputs have low cut jumpers.






On the right side of the mixer you see 24 illuminated (green/red or yellow) switches These switches can be used to control functions in your Radio Automation such as starting jingle machines and switching between live and NON stop.
Recording a voice track while ON-AIR is one of the possibilities.

A built in USB controller, specially tailored by D&R and programmable by yourself, to make radio even more exciting.

Extensive Master section

You also see there right from the channel ON switches athe CRM control with "follow phones" and a phones output with a split listen function.

There is a balance control to continuously adjust the volume between main output and stereo Cue signal.

In addition, there is a special Radio On-air/production section featuring; Self-op switching (Mute Active) to automatically cut control room level when the D.J. mic is active.

A special Studio output that normally follows main output but can be switched so that the main output, or any cue signal that is selected, can be heard when in the "follow phones" mode.

Also here is a Speaker Mute-Activation possible when presenters use loudspeakers in the studio room.

You might have noticed that the channels have Sub and Program routing.
It means that production (voice tracking) can be done on the sub output while ON-AIR.

Main back panel



The Back Panel
houses all
the in and outputs


Software is included


The AIRENCE-USB is designed to be the focal point for local radio production work in the studio or... at home. It’s understandable features makes it the ideal companion for rapid on-the-spot radio programs. The AIRENCE is compact, reliable and 19" rack mounting ideal for production rooms. It can also double as an On-Air mixer or implemented as your own Internet Radio station. If your budget is tight start with the 6 channel version which is a complete system to begin with.

And it never becomes obsolete as it can be used as pre-production mixer, if, at a later date, you fit in a larger On-Air mixer. And.. if more inputs are needed hook up the AIRENCE-EXT and instantly you have 6 more triple inputs with each giving you a low noise Mic and 2x stereo line inputs under control. The Line input B can accept our RIAA pre-amp. The Cue buss is of course linked and can be used as communication buss.

Not enough? Buy another 6 channel unit to expand to 18 or even more input channels. Every unit is individually powered by a modern digitally switched power supply to create high efficiency in power consumption. Also power supply redundancy is an option because the power supply unit is external.


The AIRENCE sends out control signals over USB based on the HID protocol. This means that the main output signals can be displayed on a TFT screen in a beautiful meter application. Both Program and Sub stereo signals are shown on a high resolution PPM. A smaller separate stereo meter shows all signals heard through the CRM speakers. At the same time this software application shows you a professional looking Radio clock that is synchronized by the nearest NTP server over he Internet.

Meter application

This included software program runs together with the 4 stereo audio signals over the same USB connection that connects the console with the Play-out PC. A second screen maybe connected to get a similar look as seen on the top of this page.



The AIRENCE is a reliable modern digitally controlled analogue On-Air console that could satisfy any serious Radio Studio that does not have the budget to go high end digital all the way. This console can do nearly anything you want in a nice compact and good looking package.



Airence Extender front panel

The AIRENCE can also be used for production while ON-AIR when it is put into the NON-STOP mode. A single switch routes one of the 4 USB channels directly to the main outputs.

A large Talkback switch activates the built-in electret talkback microphone for communication to various outputs or you can use the CUE bus as a mix minus bus to link channel signals to each other for communication outside the broadcast. And if you are looking for a streaming service have a look



We can add an optional AES output with a 3 pole XLR male connector that replaces the second 5 pole redundant XLR.
Note: a Redundant Power supply  is then not possible anymore, sorry.

6 Extender channels

(with RIAA option)

AES/EBU output


Extender back panel

Airence Extender back panel


The EXTender Back Panel
houses all
the in and outputs

Customer Reviews

What customers tell us


"I'm a new and happy owner of an D&R Airence Mixer. The flexibility and overall sound quality of the console is truly amazing.

I am now looking for the Airence Virtual Keyboard Mapper-software. It seems that you can download it from the link on your website. Where can I possibly find it?"


Kindest regards,


Erik Hulteen


Hello Mr. de Rijk and team,

"We have been using D&R products since 2013 and constantly grew up with them. Today we have the perfect match of Airence main unit, Extender, Studio Remotes, OnAir-Light, etc. Everything works out of the box and incredible perfect. Switching to D&R has been the most important step in our production history and is always professional and wonderful to work with every day.
Thank you for inventing these masterpieces"


Guido Kaminiarz


Hello to the whole team,

"I'm the programming director of TrenTMix Radio, an electro-rock webradio station in Lyon (France).

We purchased the Airence mixing console 3 months ago, and it's a wonderful product.  So, first of all, thank you for the amazing quality of your device !

We're going to purchase Aircast, which has been tested by my team thanks to your free trial. A great software which is perfectly linked with our Airence console"


Thanking you in advance


Rémi MORVAN - Programming director of TrenTMix Radio

Dear D&R,



mid 2016 at Thomann.

The Airence is a really amazing product an I love the console and its mighty abilities in combination with Aircast software.


Best regards

Timo Loeffler

Airence at work

Radio Hannover Studio-2

Radio Hannover Studio-2 Germany








Airence live











(known to us)

with now over 900

field installations - Germany

United DJ School - Netherlands - Netherlands

Caracol - Colombia (18 pcs) - Spain

Radio Dreyeckland  - Germany

Hochschule Bremen - Germany

Radio Brume - France

Ouaga FM - Burkina Faso

RFI - Bolivia - Bolivia

Meridian radio - UK

Summit Radio - Switzerland

Vlistam Radio - Netherlands

Wijchense omroep - Netherlands

Zuidwest FM - Netherlands

Vlistam Radio - Netherlands

Radio 9 - Netherlands

Radio Noordzij - Netherlands

KB Radio Kaag - Netherlands

Station in Libie

Eazy 101 - Finland

Radio Kuopio - Finland

Radio Star - Belgium

Stichting Streekomroep Braassemermeer  - Netherlands

RTV Krimpenerwaard 106.6 FM - Netherlands

Radio Menorca - Spain

Radio Stanvaste - Netherlands

RadioMax - Belgium

BLP Radio - France

Schagen-FM - Netherlands

CENTRO DE AJUDA church in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal

Castricum FM- Netherlands

Radio Spektrum - Tirana Albania

RTV Zeewolde - Netherlands

Omroep Vlaardingen - Netherlands
Rasi Broadcasting -  Tanzania (several systems)

Hitradion1 - Germany

Houten FM - The Netherlands

Radiostad Montfoort - Netherlands

Amsterdam FM - Netherlands

RBS-radio -  Belgium

Radio Orizzonti - Italy

Radio Amore - Italy

Radio Domino - Netherlands

Funkwerk Erfurt 96,2 - Germany
RASI FM RADIO - Dodoma monicipality.

Country Radio - Switzerland

FMGoud - Belgium

RTV Apeldoorn - Netherlands

Deventer RTV - Netherlands

TD1 Radio - Community Radio from Galashiels 106.5 FM- UK

Radiosignal - Serbia

FM Epsilon - Belgium

Radio JND - The Netherlands

CBS Radio - South Korea

Radio Hannover - Germany

Radio Oskarshamn - Sweden

Laboratorio de Sonido Facultad Ciencias de la Communicacion- Spain

Aberdeen Studio Radio-Scotland

Radio Meteor - Belgie





Play-out software




* Every Extender adds  6x Mic inputs
* Every Extender add 12x stereo line inputs
* 4x inserts on Mic input 1-4 and every Extender
* 4x USB stereo send/return
* 2x Built Telephone Hybrid







Download button

Software updates



We can supply you a perfect matching Studio Remote Control for in the presenters area.


This unit activates the CUE switch of the 2014 EXTENDER unit (not for the main unit, sorry) to communicate with the engineer.

The Cough button deactivates the ON button (in the Extender only, sorry)


There is a linkable phones circuit to daisy chain more than one Studio Remote unit in case more microphones are used.

€ 225,00 excl VAT

Studio remote AIRENCE

Studio remote control Unit Manual 1.07


AES/EBU output: € 110,--

Power supply AIRENCE

Optional Redundant Power supply € 130,--

RIAA pre-amp

Optional RIAA pre-amp: € 25,--

Studio remote control Unit Manual 1.07

Studio remote control Unit Manual 1.07



Radio Play-out systems


that support




control section


Radio Play-out software


that can work with our keyboardmapper


Aircast logo AERON LOGO SPL Station Playlist Enco radio automation ZARA play-out software Play-it radio software
Radiologic Radiologic


video explanation


The AIRENCE sends out control signals over USB based on the HID protocol. It means that Radio Play-out systems like freeware ZARA and also AIRCAST can be controlled by the AIRENCE Control section. We are pleased to announce that mAirlist and ZARA has already built in an interface to integrate with the AIRENCE.

We have written a Template (free of charge) or you can call it a plug-in, so you immediately can start working with the control section of the AIRENCE.

We also have a plug in manual to help you write your own plug ins.
And if you're a familiar with plug ins, just have look at this Link to see how it is done.

Remote Studio solutions

Remote Studio solutions

AIRENCE at University of Bonn


University of Bonn


Airence at RadioMAX - Belgium

Airence at university of Navarre

Airence at University of Navarre-Spain


Airence at Al Haya FM - Egypt


Airence at Radio Radikol - Colombia

Airence at LPM suriname
Airence at Radio Oskarshamn

Airence at Radio Oskarshamn

Airence at FM Japan

Airence in use in the FM studio

Installed by  Japan



Fenix Broadcasting Corp
Miami - Florida  USA

I know it's been over a month since we've received the board but I'm happy to say we've been on the air with it for 3 days now.

I and everyone of our board ops is very happy with the new board and very impressed with its functionality.

I've attached some pictures of our new studio so you may use it on your website or social media.



Radio Montfoort AIRENCE


Radio Montfoort

Radio Slovenske Gorice


Radio Slovenske Gorice

Airence at Southern Sound

AIRENCE at Southern Sound-Scotland Studio-2

Airence in Studio
AIRENCE at radio Domino

Airence at Radio Domino-MC Slotervaart Amsterdam


AIRENCE AT D&A Multimedia

D&A Multimedia


AIRENCE at Studio Netherlands


Locale Omroep Zeewolde

Airence in South Korea
Radio STAR Belgium

Radio STAR - 106.5fm, Herzele, Belgie

Airence at EAZY 101

Eazy 101

AIRENCE CBS Radio in South Korea

CBS Radio

South Korea

Radio Menorca Spain

Radio Menorca - Spain



10th road, Mji Mpya,

Dodoma monicipality.


Estudio ONA 80 Serie Oro - Spain

Studio S24 FM Sudan

Studio S24 FM-Sudan

AIRENCE at EVA Amersfoort

EVA Amersfoort-Netherlands

Airence at Omroep Houten Netherlands

AIRENCE at Omroep Houten-Netherlands



Airence at Southern Sound

AIRENCE at Southern Sound-Scotland Studio-1

AIRENCE Top Radio in Algeria

AIRENCE at work in Algeria-Top Radio

AIRENCE in Vietnam

AIRENCE at work in Vietnam, installed by Infinity Tech



Mic inputs:

bal, 2 kOhm, XLR. ,48 volt Phantom.

Noise: - 128 dBr (A-weighted). (That 1501)Sensitivity: - 70dB min, OdB Max.


Insert: Jack unbalanced send 600 Ohm -10dBV.

Aux Return unbalanced 10kOhm -10dBv.

Line inputs: unbal.., 10kOhm, Cinch.

Gain: range of 40dB.

Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV. (optional)

USB: 4x Stereo in and 4x stereo out.

Extern in: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm.

Aux returns: - 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo



Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode. 4x Stereo in and Main stereo or SUB signals out. HID Functions: Volume|Mute|Control


An high speed USB Isolator is optional available for € 209,-- when digital noise is detected and in case usual ground loop solutions do not work.
Note this only works for 3 channels max.


If you need 4 channels or more this might be a better option see also our



24 free assignable illuminated switches plus encoder based on the HID protocol.















If you would like to call with VOIP we would advice to use the CISCO SPA112 as an interface between our 2 Telephone modules and the Internet. You can buy this unit in The Netherlands here.

And in case you have an ISDN connection in your situation, we advice to use the Fritz Box type 7390 to convert the ISDN into an analog line that can be connected directly to the Telco modules of the Airence mixer.



We can supply you a perfect matching ON-AIR

lamp for € 125,--.

Actually there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high intensity red leds.

The unit is powered by a 12 volt DC 450 mA external power supply.

And what's more... no hassle with how do I connect this thing to my AIRENCE-USB.

No complicated AC switching with external relays etc. etc.


Optional RIAA pre-amp

Only possible in the Extender only


RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler

Mix Minus rejection @1kHz -40dB.



If you have opted for VoIP channels a USB connector is placed in the lower RJ-11 position.
The other RJ-11 provides you with a cleanfeed signal on pin 1+4 or a ring signalling control.


Left/Right: + 6dBu bal. XLR.

Monitor/Aux : + 6dBu unbal. on Cinch.

Studio: + 6dBu, Jacks. Tape outp: -10dBv.

Headphone: 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

Announcer: 32-600 Ohm, Jack.

USB out: Main program stereo signal or SUB


AES digital output (mounted in redundant power supply hole) Cost € 110,--



High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving.

Mid: + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve.

Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz shelving.


A High efficient (level 5) switched digital power supply will be supplied with every individual unit.

Input range is 100-240volt|47-63Hz

Power consumption is 60 watt.

Also an extra redundancy back supply can be connected to the main unit.



Frequency response: 10 - 60.000Hz.

Distortion: < 0.01% max at 1 kHz.

Start switch: isolated reed relay. (24volt/50mA)

Ledbars: 11 segment and on high res on screen



A software protocol is available for programming of the USB HID protocol to match your software.



Main unit

Width: 482mm, Front Panel Thickness: 2mm

Corner Radius: 20 mm

Height: 355mm

Depth: 101.50mm.

Weight: 9kg.

Drop through hole: 450mm x 344mm

Furniture top panel thickness maximum: 22mm

EAN CODE: 7436917138186

Extension unit

Width: 302mm, Front Panel Thickness: 2mm

Corner Radius: 20 mm

Height: 355mm

Depth: 101.50mm.

Weight: 7kg.

Drop through hole: 270mm x 344mm

Furniture top panel thickness maximum: 22mm

EAN Code: 7436917138193

Only one optional VOIP interface module is needed for both Airence Telco modules.

GSM solution


If you want to connect the AIRENCE-USB to the GSM network just buy from a
third party this Musitel unit and connect it to the Phone RJ11 socket and you're set.

What you only need is one stereo cable (wired tip/ring) coming from the MIC-ON connector on the back of the AIRENCE-USB console that goes directly hardwired to a barrier strip inside the ON-AIR LAMP.  How easy is this for a change. The power adapter will also be directly wired to the barrier strip inside the unit.

Dimensions: width 260mm, height: 125mm, Depth: 65mm

Cable entry holes and key slot holes in the backside.


How to connect the ON-AIR Light to the AIRENCE

Apple LOGO

AIRENCE at work in

AIRENCE Broadcast mixer

AIRENCE at Slingeland Netherlands

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